United Nations an international peace and security organization, the pros and cons in today’s world peace

Work cited, note cards, 24 quotes from work cited, outline, references MLA, printed sources
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Imbalance in Care

Explores the factors creating the imbalance/maldistribution between primary and specialty physician care.
Be sure to include the following:
•Specific measures that have been employed to address the problems.
•A discussion of how effective these measures have been.
Your paper should be 4 pages in length and conform to APA Requirements.
Include at least 3 scholarly references from peer-reviewed articles
In addition to the course textbook
My textbook ISBN: 9781284074635
Delivering Healthcare in America:A System Approach 6th ed.
Authors:Leiyu Shi and Douglas Singh
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Masculism, Feminism, and Egalitarianism in Plato

Write an eight-to-ten-page paper that interprets the reasoning of two or more authors on a topic
relevant to the philosophy of the human person, as we have been studying it this term. In your paper,
consider the reasoning of the authors dialectically. That is, do not merely compare and contrast them,
but try to show how the lines of reasoning support one another, or critique one another, or lead to
another kind of position. Give your own account of the strengths and weaknesses of the reasoning,
providing, if you wish, your own reasoned objections.
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Patient case study

Patient case study
Georgina Lawson is a 55 year old IT consultant for the Adelaide City Council and has been admitted to the ward for investigation of a suspected urinary tract infection and possible renal failure. She saw her GP 3 days ago who prescribed her Trimethoprim. She presented herself to ED at midnight.
She is married and has 3 children ranging in age from 17-22. She works long hours and rarely gets home before 8 o’clock. She lives in Greenwith, has a mortgage and her husband works night duty as a cleaner since being made redundant during the global financial crisis.
Georgina was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus when she was 40 years of age. She initially managed to control her sugar levels with diet and exercise. However in the last 12 years, when she returned to work, she has found it increasingly hard to control her glucose levels. She admits that she loves food and has trouble saying no to treats or several glasses of alcohol. Her long hours at work and busy lifestyle mean that she finds very little time for exercise. She often buys take away food or eats out at restaurants.
Discuss the following areas.
Q-1 Nursing assessment
What data will you collect as a basis for your nursing assessment of Georgina? What questions would you ask? Why? What types of information are you trying to elicit? What factors have put Georgina at risk of this disease? Why?
Q-2 Explore the aspects below in relation to Georgina’s case and discuss in detail:
600 ml fluid restriction
Stat glucose and insulin prescription
Deep breathing pattern O/A
Q-3 Medication management
Pharmacodynamics: What, when, how, contraindications, special nursing considerations, interactions. Pharmacokinetics—absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, remembering her possible diagnoses.
Georgina is prescribed Metformin 100 mg BD and Trimethoprim 200 mg nocte. Discuss the implications of giving these medications to Georgina with reference to the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of each medication.
How would Georgina’s Pharmacology be different if her BMI was 45?
Q-4 Signs and symptoms in relation to diabetes and urinary tract infection
Q-5 Are Georgina’s signs and symptoms consistent with a patient who has a urinary tract infection? List the signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection; acute and chronic renal failure
Q-6 Chart Georgina’s vital signs on a graphic chart—does this make you respond to her symptoms differently?
Q-7 Please explain the pathophysiology in detail of one of the following as it applies to Georgina.
Acute renal failure as related to her Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)
Explain why you believe that she has acute or acute on chronic renal failure and explain the pathophysiology of three (3) signs and symptoms that Georgina has presented with to support your belief.
Chronic renal failure as related to her Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)
Explain why you believe that she has chronic renal failure and explain the pathophysiology of three (3) signs and symptoms that Georgina has presented with to support your belief.
Note: the signs and symptoms must be relevant and specific to Georgina. Thus you will need to investigate how this disease/illness affects adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus, not type 1 diabetes mellitus.
How would Georgina’s pathophysiology be different if her BMI was 45?
Q-9 List the differences between acute and chronic renal failure.
Q-10 List the signs and symptoms of diabetes type 2.
Q-11 Outline focal points of connections of renal functions and the complexity of diabetes type 2.
Q- 12 Advocating for your patient
How would you present all the data you have collected to the medical team to support or negate their diagnosis, and ensure best outcomes and treatment for your patient?

Topic: Greek Vases Paper

Summer 2015
20 Points
The Greek Vase
DUE: SUNDAYJune 7, 2015by midnight
“The Greek Vase” – 20 points
DUE: SUNDAYJune 7, 2015–Submit to online link on Moodle
This paper must be written in essay form. Remember to proofread and provide a proper Chicago style bibliography with footnotes. Footnote all facts and information. Google “Chicago-style footnotes and bibliography” for more information. Do not cite using parentheticals. Italicizeand date all artwork titles.
Watch the Getty Museum video “Making Greek Vases.”
HYPERLINK http://www.getty.edu/art/gettyguide/videoDetails?segid=373
Then, explore the Getty museum website under the heading “collections.” Find a Greek vase from the Getty collection that appeals to you. Note that there is a story being told on its surface.
Answer these questions:
Describe the vase in detail, in your own words.
What is the story or incident that the vase is describing?
Are there famous characters from mythology portrayed on the surface?
Describe the story briefly. (There are many books and articles available on the subject of mythology at CSUN’s Oviatt Library.)
What is the history of the vase?
When was it discovered?
Has it been restored?
What is it made of?
Give as much information as you can.
Describe the process of ancient vase making and vase-painting, using the Getty video and outside sources. (Again, the Oviatt Library is an invaluable source for this information.)
What was the purpose of this vase?
Was it an oil jar?
A wine decanter?
Finally, explain what drew you to this particular artwork in the first place. Do you like the figures? The shape of the vase itself? The colors used?
Finish the essay with a concise yet insightful statement that will make me understand that you made your choice for a reason, and not just to fulfill an assignment.
IMPORTANT: Follow the detailed instructions very carefully.

All papers must be written in essay form with an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.


Essay must be at least 3 pages long. If it is 2.5 pages, I will not accept it.
Essay must be typewritten using 12 point font, Times New Roman style, double-spaced, with a standard border top, bottom and sides, and numbered pages.


Essay must have a minimum of THREE footnotes (1+ per topic), and there must be one journal listed, one book and one other source, minimum.


Essay must have a finalized bibliography on a separate page in proper Chicago style format. Also, any source that you use must be scholarly.


Do not use Wikipedia for any scholarly information or as one of your listed sources.

Essay (final copy) WILL NOT be accepted without the process steps 1-5.
Here are the questions I will ask MYSELF as I read your paper:

Did the student follow the guidelines? Does the paper address each of the questions raised? Does it have at least the minimum number of pages?
Does the student employ proper grammar? Is the spelling correct?
Are the student’s thoughts clear and well organized?
Does the student bring anything interesting or insightful to this discussion?
Are there citations/footnotes for EVERY fact?
Finally: did the student make an effort?

Do not copy and paste any information. This is plagiarism, and will result in a zero for the assignment.
For help, See the CSUN Oviatt Library’s Helpful art history writing guide: http://library.csun.edu/guides/Art519

Health Care Regulatory Analysis

Select a health care organization. (Calvary Hospital)
Choose a health care issue/topic (e.g., workplace safety, patient safety, quality, fraud and abuse, injury).
Write a 1,000 word paper that answers the following questions:
1. What is the organization’s legal responsibility?
2. What regulatory agencies oversee this responsibility?
3. What is their process in oversight?

Literature Review: National Survey of Student Engagement, 2010 Results.

Monograph Reviews: The objective is for you to identify:
 What you learned from the monograph?
 What are the major ideas that the report is attempting to communicate?
 How well did the report communicate those ideas?
 What changes in current practice (if any) does the report advocate for?
 What are the reports flaws?
 Do you agree with what this document concludes?
 What ideas for additional inquiry are likely, based upon this report?
 How is this report likely to influence your practice as a Higher Education professional now and in the future?
It is important you connect your report with the material covered in the texts, and draw out comparisons, analogies and examples with a well-developed narrative. monograph review is to be a minimum of 1500 words in APA format. The monograph reviews are to be double spaced, and include a title page, abstract, and bibliography.
Requesting a US Writer
References to be utilized
Diamond, R. (2002). Field Guide to Academic Leadership: A Publication of the National Academy for Academic Leadership. San Francisco, CA: Jossey- Bass.
Bastedo, M. (2012). The Organization of Higher Education: Managing Colleges for a New Era. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
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Field Trip Reflection Paper

Assignment Overview:
The Signature Assignment for our course involves taking a class “field trip”. You will visit one of the websites listed below in the possible locations.
You have two choices for your field trip:
1. You can take a VIRTUAL field trip online
2. You can visit one of the museums listed below IN PERSON if you live nearby and choose to do so.
Treat the virtual field trip just like you would take a trip to the museum in person. Wander through the website by clicking on the different tabs and reading the material, looking at photos and even viewing videos if they have them. You should be able to simply “wander” through the website by clicking on the available links and visiting the different pages. Then, you should record your reaction to the field trip with a series of written responses to the topics and questions listed below. Working individually (and occasionally in groups), you will need to focus on the ways in which you can develop critical perspectives that address these topics based upon your own unique experiences of the online exhibit, using various concepts and ideas that you have learned throughout the term related to diversity and cultural pluralism.
Please note that the topics and questions include suggestions on how to develop critical perspectives aligned with assignment/assessment rubric. Your work will be evaluated and assessed (graded) according to the five criteria of the rubric. You can contact me to discuss writing tactics and strategies that will allow you to attain the highest levels of achievement notated on the rubric.
Possible Locations:
The United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum: Center for the Prevention of Genocide: https://www.ushmm.org/genocide
The Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center: https://apa.si.edu
The Smithsonian Latino Center: https://latino.si.edu
Point Values and Due Dates:
There are 260 term points available for this assignment (20% your grade in the course).
Late submissions receive an immediate 25% reduction in points.
Submission Process and Requirements:
Submit electronically.
ALL submissions MUST be word-processed in either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Open Office (.odt), or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. NO OTHER FORMATS ACCEPTED!
Answer the questions completely, in paragraph format, following APA style guidelines. Be sure to craft a single paper with a beginning, middle and an end. Most submissions that follow the guidelines and instructions below will be app. 2,000 words in length.
DOUBLE spaced, 12 point common font (Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Tahoma)
You MUST include a BIBLIOGRAPHY/REFERENCE LIST, appropriately citing the source of your information (the specific online location of the site/museum/exhibit visited), as well as any additional sources you may choose to use. It is NOT necessary to provide formal in-text citations for this assignment. Reference page citations MUST follow APA style guidelines (6th edition).
Create a separate heading in your essay for each of the five required topics/questions (below).
As the “Signature Assignment” of our course, your work will be evaluated and graded using the “WCU Rubric [for] Critical Thinking and Cultural Diversity,” which has been developed for all students at all campuses of the University (California and Dallas). SEE SYLLABUS FOR TOPIC/QUESTIONS AND GRADING RUBRICS.
To successfully meet these requirements, your responses must:
Identify and explain the central issues raised by the site/exhibit/museum.
Formulate a distinct, individual point of view (personal reflection) that engages critically with various perspectives offered by the site/exhibit/museum.
Evaluate the evidence that the site/exhibit/museum offers for its point of view.
Consider how the site/exhibit/museum uses cultural, political, and(or) historical contexts to present its issues and purposes.
Exhibit your knowledge of how the site/exhibit/museum presents and uses cultural worldview frameworks, and also how you use your own knowledge of those frameworks to engage the site/exhibit/museum.
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Functional Health History of a Movie

power point based on the application of the functional health history assessment of a movie character is
the (client). My movie is MY SISTER’S KEEPER. Provide an introduction and background overview of
the movie character. Assess the client using the “functional health pattern assessment”. Based on your ”
observation” and thoughts, document your assessment, providing example from the movie. Describe
any observed or potential cultural, geographic, religious, ethnic or spiritual consideration of this client.
Describe two normal health patterns of the client as well as two abnormal health patterns that you
observe, and provide examples. Develop an appropriate nursing diagnosis for the client based on your
assessment. Identify and describe three interventions for the client: health promotion, health
prevention, and maintenance. Identify at least two possible resources or community service to which
you would refer this client and provide rational for you choice.
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